Photomask Chemicals

Photomask Chemicals: For the Manufacture of Chrome and Iron Oxide Masks: Positive Photomask Developer PPD-450 Positive Photomask Developer PPD-455 Chrome Photomask Etchant CEP-200 Iron Oxide Photomask Etchant FO-100 Positive Photoresist Stripper PRS-100 For the Manufacture of Emulsion Photomasks: Negative Photomask Developer D-5 / D-5C Photomask Fixer F-4 / F-4C Reversal Photomask Developer D-8 Reversal Photomask Bleach B-2/ B-2C Reversal Photomask Clearing Bath C-2 / C-2C Photomask Cleaning Solution PCS-605